Organic Farmer's Cooperative of Rethymno
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Organic Farmers' Cooperative of Rethymno

Crete is a large island in the eastern Mediterranean, which is known worldwide as a crossroad of ancient civilisations. It is also well-known for its agricultural and livestock production of exquisite taste and quality, which is linked to its favourable climate: a warm Mediterranean climate with very high annual sunshine

Located in central Crete, the Rethymno region is characterised by a rich biodiversity, various landscapes and microclimates. Therefore, it is an ideal place for a wide variety of high quality livestock and agricultural produce: olive oil, olives, aromatic plants, subtropical plants, such as avocado, wine, raki, citrus and other fruit, carob beans, vegetables, thyme honey, lamb and goat meat, cheese, etc.

However, farmers face difficulties due to the high production costs, the small farming areas, the mountainous and semi-mountainous terrain of the island and the transportation of the products for sale by sea.

The Organic Farmers' Cooperative of Rethymno (SYNBIOR) was founded in 2013 in order to bring together small and medium organic farmers of the region. Main targets of the Cooperative since its foundation are:

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